Supplier Registration Portal


Contract terms and conditions:

Quotation submitted by the supplier shall be integral part of the Perches Order (PO).

FCSA shall not be held liable for any changes in the description and price estimation following receipt of the PO.

The contracting supplier shall abide by the description of services and/or materials submitted in their quotation.

FCSA shall not receive the required material if they are not consistent with the standards.

Supplier shall be in charge for installing the PO items at the location specified by FCSA.

Supplier shall guarantee material in terms of standards and quantity.

Payment shall be made once the requesting department submits a Completion Certificate.

Cabinet Decision No 04/2019 and amendments thereof shall be applicable regarding the Procurements and Stores Bylaw which supplier acknowledges reading them:

Supplier must be registered in Ministry of Finance system:

Supplier must be registered with The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and should provide VAT certificate:

Whether your quotes are inclusive or exclusive of taxes; if not otherwise stated, we will assume your quotes are inclusive of taxes.

If you are part of SME program, please provide us a soft copy of SME certificate attached with the quotation.

Goods and products should be Eco-friendly (recyclable, reusable or dissolvable).

Delivery time will be determined from the time of receiving our purchase order to receipt; this timeframe will be a condition of any purchase order made.

Quotations must have the same reference number of the Request for Quotation -RFQ.

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